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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Burney's Boys BBall Rankings - Snow Days

OC Top 10
1 Clarkston – Really, really good………really, really deep
2 North Farmington – We want Billy, We want Billy, We want Billy!!
3 WL Western – Daryl Porter is a BOSS and a HOSS….please make note!!
4 Oak Park – Watch out for "sleeper stud" Trevon Gardner….remember who told you
5 West Bloomfield – I drink Laker-Aide, it's better than Gator-Aid!!
6 Birmingham Brother Rice – Just might challenge for the Catholic League crown….who would of thought?
7 Stoney Creek – 'Da Creek is 'Da Bomb….as usual!!
8 RH Adams – You can't stop Joey "Zsa Zsa" Ziniti, you can only hope to contain him…and even that is pretty darn difficult to do (Just ask Oak Park)
9 (tie) Southfield – Will have to weather the storm until superstar sophomore point guard Amuri Hardy is back in 6 weeks
9 (tie) WL Central – Team Spolsky is in SIZZLE MODE, similar to BEAST MODE only with a few more doses of hot sauce
10 Oxford – Mason Vires is the most improved player in the OC!!


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