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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Burney's OC Football Rankings - Week 4

OC Top 10
1 Birmingham Brother Rice – Back at it in NFL-MODE, as if that's a surprise
2 Clarkston – TEAM K-RICH is rich with playmakers….again
3 OL St. Mary's – Josh Dabney is a STRAIGHT G on the gridiron
4 Oak Park – Impressive Week 3 handling of Harrison, that 'D' may be the best in the whole darn county....holler back at cha boy, Junior McMullen, Shahid Bellamy & co.!!!
5 Oxford – O-Town in THA HOUSE!! WAR TEAM ROWLEY!!
6 Southfield – Takes a step back in the rankings because of Oak Park spinning the shutout, don't worry you'll be back in the Top 5 soon enough, boyz!!
7 WL Western – You can't stop James La Londe, you can only hope to contain him…..and that's pretty darn hard to do too
8 FH Harrison – Needs a strong rebound from being blanked in Week 3, Burney knows his HAWKSNATION PIGSKIN PLAYAS is going to give it to him
9 Lake Orion – God, Burney loves himself some TEAM VICTORY BELL….these guys are some rough and rugged characters on the field of battle
10 (tie) West Bloomfield – Showed well vs. mighty Clarkston, as Burney thought they would
10 (tie)Novi Detroit CC – Grinding back to SHAMROCK homeostasis…I.e. BALLER-SHOT CALLER GEAR

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bearing Down, Blazing Upward

Run and hide. Warn the women and children.
The Berkley Bears are growling on the gridiron. WATCH OUT!
Torching the competition out of the proverbial starting gate, Chris Sikora's pigskin playmakers are 3-0, averaging over 30 points an outing so far this season.
I for one am VERY impressed. Sikora-coached clubs are notoriously gritty. So that's no surprise. But these Bears are a lot more lethal than Burney expected. They've got several different diamonds in the ruff contributing. I'm talking about guys like quarterback Jake "The Snake" Cummings, defensive lineman Jake "The Human Cash Register" Bills, linebacker Austen "Mr. Wonderful" Wood and wr-db Nolan "He's Gives Cornerbacks Nightmares" Givens.
Unsung heroes such as Carlton Williams and Brandon Kamo have come up big early in the season too.
The whole shebang is possible; Playoffs, OAA Blue league title, universal love and respect from OC football heads from county-line-to-county-line, it's all there for the taking.
Alright, boyz, go out and seize the day!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Football Fantasyland

Burney's "What if?" OC Prep Fantasy Football Team
QB Alex Malzone (Birmingham Brother Rice) – The Peyton Manning of the OC….'NUFF SAID
RB Matt Krause (Lake Orion) – I knew this Dragons Dandy was in for a big season toting the rock….I would have snatched him up in like the 3rd or 4th rd
RB  Zak Goor (WL Central) – Is this kid a freight train in the backfield or what?
WR Tyson Smith (OLSM) – Maybe the most consistent wide receiver in the area…YEAH I SAID IT!!
WR Nick Robak (WOLL) – All ROBOTRON does is make big-play after big-play
Flex Anthony Gunn (Pontiac NDP) – My man Double Barrel is ALL BUSINESS ALL THE TIME so that's why I need him on my squad
TE Nick Coccochetta (Novi Detroit CC) – The Big Hot Chocolate is a terror in the red zone, the definition of reliability, sure-handed and goal-line hungry
D Clarkston – Last week doesn't faze me…the WOLFPACK 'D' is mad dangerous….Take IT 2 THA BANK
K Anthony Springer (Southfield) – Underrated cash money
Main Bench Guys
Glacier Wallington (Oxford)
Centrus Williams (Clarkston)
James LaLonde (WL Northern)
Kameron Garner (Southfield Christian)
Jaylen Wiggins (Lake Orion)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time To Take Notice

Farmington showed me a lot on the football field last night. The Falcons are for REAL!!
I'll admit, following Week 1's debacle vs Harrison, Burney had his doubts.
Those doubts were quickly vanquished after witnessing TEAM BECHTEL's total dismantling of AH Avondale in a 35-0 victory to raise its record to 2-1 on the year.
Offense – Scintillating
Defense – Superior
Special Teams – Smoking
Coaching – Smart
Playmakers – EVERYWHERE
Alright let's roll call it
Kyle Collins
So much natural SWAGGER under center it's utterly ridiculous
Dez Fitzpatrick
A secondary's worst nightmare
Jakkar Jackson
The definition of vicious and versatile
David Reese
I'm going to start calling this young man "THE BEAST" David Reese because he's in BEAST MODE on both sides of the ball ALL THE TIME, EVERY SNAP, EVERY GAME!!
Kyle Brunson
The 'B' is for BALLER!!
Justin Banks & Will Swanson
Leading the attack up front on the line like the BOSSES AND HOSSES I know they are
Courteous Preston-Mark Thomas
A pair of "Live-and-Die for-type" linebackers that ALWAYS get the job done
Damon Williams
MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP!!!...two picks and a sack on a safety blitz.....are you kidding me?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Burney's OC Football Rankings - Week 3

OC Top 10
1 Birmingham Brother Rice – Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!
2 Clarkston – Joe Popp is THE MAN….'Nuff said!!!
3 OL St. Mary's – Team Porritt is on a rampage, that playoff miss last year really left a bad taste in their mouths and its showing with their play so far this fall
4 (tie) Southfield – I honestly can't tell you who the best or most dangerous player on the Blue Jays roster is, seriously, they have THAT many SUPERS STUDS
4 (tie) Oak Park – Lots of reasons to be excited this year in the OC's very own OAKTOWN, as in the gridiron is chalk full with ballers, maulers and all-around shot-callers....again!!
5 FH Harrison – Team HERRINGTON just as lethal as ever, not really that surprising, is it?
6 Oxford – Expect Dallas Pruitt and Jordan Henry to be good for a couple TD catches from the ICE MAN in WEEK 3...Take It 2 Tha Bank!!
7 WL Western – THIS is how the West is won……..that's a Burney-certified guarantee!!
8 Lake Orion – Zoom, zoom goes the Dragons offense, broom, broom goes the comp!!
9 Novi Detroit CC – Will be back to form soon…..Burney says COUNT ON IT'!!
10 West Bloomfield – Ya made it, boys!! Show well against C-Town on Friday and you'll be sticking around for a while I suspect….and oh by the way, Lakers   WR-SB-CB-KR Mike King is a diamond in the recruiting ruff folks, this kid is a STRAIGHT PLAYMAKER anytime he comes near the pigskin!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taking Some Notes

A news and notes around the Oakland County prep football scene
West Bloomfield CB-WR Obbie Jackson committed to Eastern Michigan this week. Jackson and his Lakers are a scorching-hot 2-0, having outscored their opponents 76-13, 62-0 over the past six quarters.
AH Avondale senior tailback and Cincinnati-commit Josh Holloman has been officially christened "The Hologram"…… now you see him, now you don't, just when you think you've wrapped him up, he's disappeared alas some Star Trek/BEAM ME UP SCOTTY stuff. I can't believe it's taken me so long to name him that, its not like he's been tearing up defenses all across THE OC for the past two years before this…oh, wait he was…my bad, Mr. HOLLERBACK HOLLOGRAM!! Now, go and put up a 200-spot and tell'em your boy Burney told you to do it
Bad news out of Walled Lake Northern; Knights junior running back A.J. Chuchla might be out for the year with a broken leg suffered in Week 2……wishing the best for my man A.J. and the whole TEAM MOORE FAMILY out on Bogie Lake Rd
I like the nose for the goal-line I'm seeing from FH Harrison running back Omaury Rogers Watch out, this kid could be another TEAM HERRINGTON HUSTLA in the backfield
Lake Orion senior running back Matt Krause WILL reach the 1,000-yard plateau in Week 3....TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

No Longer On The Farm

Terrence Porter has left the building.
After hemming the first-portion of his basketball head coaching resume in Oakland County, first at Birmingham Groves and more recently at Farmington, Porter departed for the PSL late in the summer, accepting the reins on the bench at Detroit Northwestern.
Porter's Farmington squads were always scrappy and fundamentally sound. He will be missed by the Falcons and the OC in general. It's always tough to lose a young up-and-comer.
Farmington's leading returning player for the 2015 campaign is all-league center Justin Banks, also a college football recruit.
Porter played in college locally at the DI and DII level, starting his collegiate hardwood tenure at the University of Detroit-Mercy and then finishing up at Wayne State.
Prior to entering the area prep coaching ranks, Porter was an assistant coach at the college level for UD-Mercy under Perry Watson.