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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Iron-Casted 'Cats

The Oxford backfield bleeds nails. That's how tough these guys are.
They all ooze grit, personify SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL. In other words: Bud Rowley football. The kind they've played in O-TOWN since the 1970s.
Stubenrauch had a breakout performance with a game and career-high 127 yards to go along with a back-breaking 34-yard touchdown run in the Wildcats win over Romeo in Week 1. He's a perfect combination of shifty, slippery and fearless. He's wants contact, loves to go up the middle in between the tackles.
And who's clearing the way in front of him? You guessed it, TEAM ROWLEY powerbacks Harris and Patrick, two MEGA SIR-GRIND-A-LOTS that , play like they're made of granite and steel instead of flesh and bone.
I've has decided to nickname Harris "Thunder&Lighting" because of his sick-quick closing speed and punishing tackling skills while playing linebacker on defense. He competes at the fullback spot on offense with the same relentless tenacity.
Man, if I was a coach in the OAA this season, these guys would really spook me…..with O-TOWN and DA CREEK, no more two-team race, guys.
Burney's loving it!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bo Knows Football

Bo became THE MAN today. It was really only a matter of time. Being THE MAN is in his genes ya know! Yeah, Baby Pick aka Bo Pickens, the youngest of the PRICELESS Pickens clan that has produced three all-staters on the gridiron for Birmingham Brother Rice (Matt, Doug, and Jimmy), finally broke out of his siblings' quite sizable collective shadow Saturday in the Warriors' exciting 40-34 triumph over their sister school in the Windy City, Chicago Brother Rice at the annual PKC. After spending the past few years battling injury and an overload of elite talent in the classes in front of him, Baby Pick earned a spot in the secondary for his senior campaign wearing the Orange&Black and was all over the field in nickel-and-dime duty against ChiTown Rice Saturday in a game played at Wayne State. He looked like.....yep, you guessed it....a Pickens brother. Eviscerating everything in his vicinity and leading by example in the heat of competition and in the locker room runs in the family. That's what Bo did on Saturday and I expect to see much more of it as the season progresses for the TEAM SOFRAN 4-PEAT PARADE. MAD WARRIORSNATION Shout Outs to Mama AND Papa Pick for raising such great children and blessing us, the OC PREP PUBLIC, with their varied skill-sets and consummate class.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Burney's 2014 OC Football Preview

Top 20 Players in Oakland County
1 Alex Malzone (Birmingham Brother Rice QB)
2 Johnny Kelly (Oak Park RB)
3 Josh Holloman (AH Avondale RB)
4 Josh Ross (OL St. Mary's LB)
5 Tyson Smith (OL St. Mary's DB-WR)
6 Dior Johnson (Southfield S)
7 Matt Falcon (Southfield RB)
8 Ray Buford (Southfield CB-WR)
9 Desmond Fitzpatrick (Farmington WR)
10 (tie) Junior McMullen (Oak Park LB)
10 (tie) Shahid Bellamy (Oak Park DL)
11 Adam Matich (Clarkston OL)
12 (tie) Ja'Mar Antwine-Davontae Ginwright (Southfield DB)
13 Jevon Shaw (FH Harrison QB)
14 Grant Perry (Birmingham Brother Rice WR-CB)
15 (tie) D.J. Zezula (Clarkston QB)
15 (tie) Cole Chewins (Clarkston TE-DE)
16 David Reese (Farmington LB)
17 Bobby Banks (Southfield Christian RB-LB)
18 Glacier Wallington (Oxford QB)
19 Delano Madison (Birmingham Brother Rice WR)
20 Jordan Jenkins (Novi Detroit CC LB)
Top 10 Teams in Oakland County
1 Birmingham Brother Rice - BEAST MODE 24/7.....again!!....WAR TEAM SOFRAN!!
2 Clarkston - Can you say repeat?
3 Southfield - Simply stacked and hungry to make amends for last year's playoff flameout
4 OL St. Mary's - The LAKE is about to RAKE in 2014
5 (tie) Novi Detroit CC - Don't look past ROCKNATION this fall......remember Burney told you this come Thanksgiving
5 (tie) Oak Park - Mad, bad and dangerous to know....yeah, that about sums it up for The Coach Carter Contingent
6 FH Harrison
7 Farmington
8 RH Adams
9 WL Western
10 Lake Orion

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - Small School

Small School 2014 Football Player Rankings
1 Bobby Banks (Southfield Christian RB) – The type of ball-toting menace that is speedy, gritty and smart
2 Justin Hunter (Birmingham DCD OL) – Just a MEGA MAULER in the trenches, prototypical road-grader at the point of attack
3 Kameron Garner (Southfield Christian CB-WR) – THER-A-FLU ALERT: PURE SICKNESS on both sides of the pigskin
4 (tie) Nick Robak (Waterford Lakes WR) – Whether we're talking football or hoops, ROBOTRON is the equivalent of Christopher Columbus and everyone who tries to stop him are the Pilgrims……Yeah, I just said that!!!
4 (tie) Antonio Capaldi (MH Bishop Foley WR) – Big-play specialist and difference-maker on the edge, athletic, tough, leadership qualities, durable, etc…
5 Javarian Smith (AH Oakland Christian QB) – Ready to RAZZLE-DAZZLE for another fall, think an OC version of Cam (I GO HAM ALL THE TIME) Newton
6 Sal Mastromateo (Clarkston Everest QB) – One of the steadiest, most consistent signal-callers in the entire county……TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!
7 Tim Niehaus-Chris Kelly (RO Shrine QB-RB) – Plain and simple , TENACITY PERSONIFIED
8 Kone Bowman (Birmingham DCD S) – The next great 'JACKETSNATION Gridiron SUPERSTUD Part I
9 Larry Penson (Birmingham DCD RB) – The next great 'JACKETSNATION Gridiron SUPERSTUD Part II
10 Luke Neme-Benny Bellestri (Clarkston Everest RB) – These are two are like a runaway locomotive, gaining power and momentum on every carry

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - METRO-MAC

Flint-Metro/MAC 2014 football player power rankings for Oakland County
1 Juan Johnson (MH Madison RB)The OC's Don Juan of the Prep Pigskin is ready to roll over the comp for the fourth straight year
2 Ty Sparks (Clawson QB) – This CLAWVILLE gunslinger is so cash money under center the Trojans should consider holding all of their home games in the local Comerica Bank branch
3 Davyion Jones (MH Madison DE/TE) – Under-the-radar GAME CHANGER!!!
4 Matt Crews (MH Madison QB) – CRAZY GOOD, SUPER SMART dual-threat signal caller for the PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS, can hurt opposing defenses in so many ways it downright scary
5 Jaylin Golson (MH Madison WR) – Over the summer, this TEAM WILKINS primetime wonder of a wideout reached SWAGGER LEVEL FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION
6 Adam Tooley (Holly WR) – Straight terror on the edge, one of North OC's top deep threats and red zone exploiters
7 Landon Hooper-Jimmy Gray-Avery Bishop (Holly D) – The THREE HORSEMEN of the Holly D, riding rough, kicking butt and taking no prisoners…coming to a field near you soon!!
8 Wyatt Wilson-Nate Everett (Ortonville Brandon WR) – These two Blackhawks are so cool, when they go to sleep instead of them counting sheep the sheep count them!!!
9 Dayquan O'Neal (MH Lamphere LB) – The DAY in this kid's name stands for OUTworking the opposition all DAY and NIGHT  
10 Javon Barr (Holly RB) – Look for a breakout campaign from this little BALL'n BRONCHO ball of energy

Monday, August 25, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - OAA Red

OAA Red 2014 Football Player Power Rankings
1 D.J. Zezula (Clarkston QB) – The C-Town Gunslinger rides again, simply a WINNER in everything he does, the definition of the expression 'gamer'……repeat anyone?
2 Adam Matich (Clarkston OL) – All heart and soul in the trenches, a Wolfpack SIR-GRIND-A-LOT Special!!!
3 Glacier Wallington (Oxford QB) – Call him THE ICE MAN or Mr. FREEZE, no matter what this O-TOWN grid stud is ready to hit the POLAR VORTEX in terms of coolness in the huddle this fall…..that's a BURNEY CERTIFIED GUARANTEE!!
4 Eddy Wilson (West Bloomfield DL) – Ready to get CRAZY BUSY at the point of attack, commence ERUPTION on all opposing blockers Bowling Green University commit
5 Andrew Price (Stoney Creek LB) – Probably the most underrated linebacker in the entire OAA, this kid is in Ricky Bobby/CAL Naughton SHAKE&BAKE MODE all four quarters of play
6 Matt Krause (Lake Orion RB) – We can start calling this PRIMETIME DRAGON PIGSKIN PROWLER the Magic Man….'cuz 'Now you see him, now you don't' on practically every touch
7 Trishton Jackson (West Bloomfield QB) – It's official; Trishton "ACTION" Jackson has a LICENSE TO THRILL… two sport athlete in the OC!!
8 Jalen Wiggins-Keith Fields (Lake Orion SB/DB) – These two will become household names in the OC when discussing PREMIER PLAYMAKERS by season's end…….TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!
9 (tie) Obbie Jackson (West Bloomfield WR/CB) – The WB'S O-FACTOR is oh so good and oh so sweet on the gridiron, the Dunkin Donuts on Orchard Lake Rd should consider creating a special donut and calling it the OJ in honor of his play on the field in the TEAM BELLAMY GREEN & WHITE
9 (tie) Joe Platz (Stoney Creek LB-TE) – Smack-to-you-in-the-mouth type on both sides of the ball
10 (tie) Michael King (West Bloomfield RB)-Nate Emery (Bloomfield Hills) – Another pair of MUST-SEE talents appearing Friday nights this fall in the prospect-rich OC

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - OAA White

OAA White 2014 Football Player Power Rankings
1 Dior Johnson (Southfield S) – Best safety in the state…..YEAH, I SAID IT!!  Wake Forest commit
2 Johnny Kelly (Oak Park RB) – Lightning in a bottle, raging talent who leaves only befuddled tacklers and shell-casings in his wake
3 Matt Falcon (Southfield RB) – As cool as the other side of the pillow, an ICE-COLD CLOSER, No. 1 junior in the OC……TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!
4 Ray Buford (Southfield DB-WR) – Opposing players=Little Red Riding Hood, "Big Play Ray" Buford=THE Big Bad Wolf……..Make a note!!!!  Minnesota commit
5 Jevon Shaw (FH Harrison QB) – Top dual-threat quarterback in the OC, maybe the whole MHSAA
6 (tie) Mike Ojemudia (FH Harrison LB) – Terrorizing tackling machine, offensive disrupter, sideline-to-sideline SPECIALIST Eastern Michigan commit
6 (tie) Jamar Antwine (Southfield DB-WR-KR) – Where's Jonah Hill when you need him, hey Jonah you gotta get out to the OC to see my main pigskin pimping homeboy "Snoop" Antwine because there's no doubt he's SUUUUUUUUUPERBAD!! Central Michigan commit
7 Junior McMullen (Oak Park LB) – Too much SWAGGER-LEVEL to contain sideline-to-sideline….THAT'S A BURNEY CERTIFIED GUARANTEE!! Western Michigan commit
8 Shahid Bellamy (Oak Park DL) – Gutty, aggressive, ballhawk in the trenches, as ferocious as they come in the area at the point of attack Central Michigan commit
9 (tie) Davontae Ginwright (Southfield S) – Possibly the most versatile defensive back in all of Metro Detroit Western Michigan commit
9 (tie) Devon Cook (FH Harrison S) – The straw that stirs the drink for the TEAM HERRINGTON' D'  Eastern Michigan commit
10 Austin Paritee (Birmingham Seaholm WR/DB) – BALLER/SHOT CALLER Alert in the house in MAPLESNATION……Team DEWALD has itself one PRIMETIME PLAYA  in its midst

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - OAA Blue

OAA Blue – 2014 Football Player Power Rankings
1 Josh Holloman (AH Avondale RB) – Fastest player in the state, home-run hitter on every touch, set to suit up in college at the University of Cincinnati
2 Desmond Fitzpatrick (Farmington WR) – Most fundamentally-sound split end in the state…..YEAH, I SAID IT!!
3 David Reese (Farmington LB) – PURE POWER on every snap!!!
4 Kyle Brunson-Jakaar Jackson (Farmington) – TNT ALERT: Dynamite safety tandem, Brunson is one of the best free safeties in the area, Mr. Jack-of-All-Trades Jackson is a super-charged riser on local recruiting charts at the strong safety spot
5 Davion Curry (Birmingham Groves WR/DB) – Playmaker Personified on both sides of the ball….'NUFF SAID!!
6 Kyle Sherman (Birmingham Groves LB) – Might be the most underrated player in the league, complete game-changer type no matter where you line him up in the linebacking corps
7 Kyle Collins (Farmington QB) – Has been through the wars these past two years, ready for a....... WAIT FOR IT….CUE the Rhianna and Eminem……..MONSTER senior campaign calling signals on TEAM BECHTEL
8 Travis Janes (AH Avondale QB) – Could be the No. 1 field general in the league by season's end….That's the kind of talent YELLOWJACKET NATION has on its hand in this junior gunslinger
9 Zach Van Faussien (Birmingham Groves QB) – As consistent as they come when you're discussing quarterbacks in the OC, intelligent and instinctive leader who can make all the right reads and all the right throws
10 Chase Lalla (AH Avondale LB) – True SIR-GRIND-A-LOT SPECIAL, gritty gamer of a competitor that others want to follow into battle

Friday, August 22, 2014

The OC Summer Cage Report

After a tough, yet productive summer of hooping out of control, let's grab a gander at how the OC Top 10 on the boys basketball floor looks like heading into the 2014-2015 school year
1 Jeron (Buddha) Rogers (North Farmington) – Best '3-man' in the state, best "Stretch 4" in the area…..YEAH I SAID IT!!
2 Jake Daniels (Holly) – The Flint Metro's own version of DR. J…….break out the scalpel cuz this kid carves up the comp on a game-in game-out basis
3 Trishton Jackson (West Bloomfield) – No. 1 two-sport SUPER STUD in the OC, this LakeShow Special is a lethal weapon of a point guard and a quarterback
4 Kalvon Fuller (Oak Park) – PURE POWER, whether holding down on the blocks or throwing it down on the fastbreak
5 Isaiah Green (Southfield) – Best big guy in the county, silky touch, fundamentally fierce and eager to bounce back after a somewhat run-of-the-mill junior campaign
6 Marlow Brown (Southfield Christian) – Developing into a viciously effective and versatile point forward, ready for a GINORMOUS season in the Eagles quest for a 4-PEAT
7 (tie) Jerald Booker (WL Western) – So smooth, his style of game embodies the "Killing them softly" mantra, the preeminent floor general on the westside of the county
7 (tie) Kyle Woodruff (Holly) – Sniper extraordinaire!!! This TEAM HORSE riflemen hears SWISH as the ongoing soundtrack
8 (tie) Rodney Scales (Oak Park) – Satiny southpaw on the blocks, that can knock down the mid-range 'J', hurt opposing teams with a fast-improving jump hook and bang his way to a near double-double every night
8 (tie) Freddy John (Southfield-Lathrup) – SUPERSONIC SLEEPER PROSPECT, one of the best inside-outside threats in all of  Metro Detroit
9 (tie) Walter Kelser (WL Central) – Just starting to come into his own, has turned himself into an electrifying combo guard
9 (tie) Tabin Throgmorton (Clarkston) – A WOLFPACK swingman that is on the verge of eclipsing SWAGGER LEVEL FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION
10 (tie) Timmy Shayoka (Troy Athens) – The ultimate SIR-GRIND-A-LOT in the backfield, relentless competitor
10 (tie) Nick Robak (WOLL) – ROBOTRON is about to go all ROBOTRON in 2015, definition of  dangerous

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chocolate Lover's Delight

Novi Detroit Catholic Central senior football star Nick Coccochetta could be the most impactful pigskin prospect in Oakland County this season.
This game-changer of a tight end is going to be an invaluable safety valve for first-year starting quarterback Joe Fanning. He could wind up being the difference between a possible average-to-sub-par campaign (by CC standards that is) and another trip to Ford Field come Thanksgiving.
Burney thinks he definitely will.
The Big Hot Chocolate has all the tools and all the right moves – size, smarts, leadership skill, buttery-soft mitts, superior work ethic, etc..
And by the way whichever college program lands this BIG BLUE BLUE-CHIPPER is going to be getting themselves a genuine GRIDIRON STUD and GRADE-A SIR GRIND-A-LOT. So just remember when Fanning-to-Coccochetta becomes the scoring connection TEAM MACH can depend on and is on the ROCKNATION PA's announcer's tongue more than his chewing gum, don't forget your boy BURNEY filled you in on the 411 first!! You know, I always got your back!! WAR SHAM-WOW WALLOPERS version 2014!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Milltown Mad Men

Watch out for the Milford gridiron tandem of Tyler Carrier and Keegan Matthews this fall. Can you say MAD MAD talent on the football field?
These two MARVELOUS MAVERICKS are a pair of SIZZLING slotbacks and they are threats to take it to THE HOUSE.
They've got moves on top of their moves. JUST SO SWEET! We should start calling these two the SUGARLAND EXPRESS.
After an uneventful 2013 campaign, Burney has a feeling it's going to be a good year in MILLTOWN in 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Always Steady Eddy

West Bloomfield senior football star Eddy Wilson (defensive lineman) is green through and through.
His high school colors are Lakers Green and White.
Now, he's headed to play his college pigskin in the MAC at Bowling Green University out of Ohio.
Wilson committed to the Eagles last week.
This kid is a true bruiser….aka a BALLER &SHOT CALLER in the trenches. He can knock pads with the best around in the state of Michigan.
Expect to see my main OC Gridiron homeboy STEADY EDDY simply KILLING IT this fall for TEAM BELLAMY and then for the foreseeable future at the college level.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Daelin Hayes is gone. The former Orchard Lake St. Mary's pigskin prodigy will be finishing his prep football career in California.
Hayes, a 6-foot-3, 225-pound Blue Chip prospect in the Class of 2016, has transferred.
He plays linebacker and tailback.
Earlier this summer, Hayes accepted a scholarship to USC.
Last fall, he impressed in his varsity debut at the PKC down at Wayne State (against Oak Park), prior to injuring himself and missing the remainder of the campaign.
I for one will miss seeing this kid bloom into a SUPERSTAR on the gridiron.
Just think, the 2014 OLSM squad could have an additional two four-star STUDS, if Hayes and Van Jefferson (WR who left for Tennessee with his family and is currently deciding between several high-profile college scholarship offers) had stayed with TEAM PORRITT.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - KLAA

KLAA Top 10 Football Players in OAKLAND COUNTY
1 Nick Krumm (WL Central) – They call him Mr. Touchdown!!
2 Chris Cliff (WL Northern) – SWAGGER LEVEL FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION was reached a long, long time ago…..just thought everyone needed to know that
3 Dakota Kupp (Waterford Mott) – LEGEN….wait for it…DARY presence under center
4 (tie) Austin Wood (Waterford Kettering) – The prototype SIR-GRIND-A-LOT
4 (tie) Deonottis "Stump" Smith (Waterford Kettering) – One of the toughest tackles in the OC
5 Anton Skupin (South Lyon) – Here's the SCOOP……..This kid is an INSANE talent
6 AJ Chuchla (WL Northern) – Nose for the end zone and a gritty playmaker any way you slice it
7 Zak Goor (WL Central) – All SMASHMOUTH all the time…..TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!
8 Emmanuel Jackson (Novi) – Pure ELECTRICITY whenever he's anywhere near the ball
9 Zach Powers (South Lyon East) – Threw for over 1200 yards last season and Burney foresees a 2,000-spot on the horizon in 2014
10 (tie) Johnny Witkowski – If I had to pick one OC KLAA super stud in the secondary to start off my building of a prep powerhouse defensive backfield it be my boy JOHNNY BE GOOD!!
10 (tie) James LaLonde – Ready for a MONSTER campaign…..please make a note

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Southfield Landing Strip

CMU football-commit and ACE MEGA GAME-CHANGER Jamar Antwine is now a Blue Jay.
Antwine (5-foot-10, 165 pounds), a diverse and dangerous talent on both sides of the ball and on special teams, has transferred to Southfield High School for his senior year.
Last year, he was an All-OAA pick at wide receiver, cornerback and return specialist for the Pontiac Phoenix.
When he hit Mount Pleasant next fall, he's projected to suit up in the secondary.
His arrival at Southfield only strengthens another Blue Chip crop of pigskin prowlers for JAYSNATION, the defending OAA White champs.
Adding Antwine to the already-stacked secondary gives TEAM CONLEY a whopping FOUR D1 recruits in the defensive backfield (the three others are Minnesota commit Ray Buford, WMU commit Davonte Ginwright and high-level prospect Dior Johnson).
Burney senses the local creation of a whole new LEGION OF BOOM……..OC-style
That loud sound you just heard was the collective groan form offensive coordinator all across the OAA.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Who's Got The Power? - CHSL

Catholic League Top 10 Football Players
1 Alex Malzone (Birmingham Brother Rice QB) – So ELITE is darn scary!!
2 Tyson Smith (OL St. Mary's DB-WR) – Just a playmaker in everything he does
3 Daelin Hayes (OL St. Mary's) – THERA-FLU Alert: USC-bound and only has a series of snaps at the varsity level under his belt (TRANSFERRED OUT OF STATE)
4 Jordan Jenkins (Novi Detroit CC) – Born to TACKLE!!
5 Grant Perry (Birmingham Brother Rice) – It's Grant's Tomb for anyone who tries to contain this Warriors' Blue-Chipper
6 Anthony Gunn (Pontiac NDP) – His nickname is DOUBLE BARRELL…'NUFF SAID!        
7 KJ Hamler (OL St. Mary's) – Best player you've never heard of that's about to EXPLODE!
8 Delano Madison (Birmingham Brother Rice) – The Ultimate X-FACTOR in TEAM SOFRAN's quest for the 4PEAT…..TAKE IT 2 THA BANK!!
9 Mac Hendry (Birmingham Brother Rice) – Smack-you-in-the-mouth type of presence at the point of attack, SIR-GRIND-A-LOT in the trenches!
10 Riley Maher (Birmingham Brother Rice) – Linebacking prodigy at LINEBACKER CENTRAL, what else do you need to know?