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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boys Hoops Mid-Season Report Card - Part 1

1 Spencer Parker (West Bloomfield)
2 Ray Tillman (AH Avondale)
3 James Young (Troy)
4 Amir Williams (Birmingham DCD)
5 Samier Ozier (Novi)
Primetime Players
1 Kellen McCormick (Pontiac NDP)
2 Carlton Brundidge (Southfield)
3 Jake Duzey (Troy Athens)
4 Kyle Cooper (Novi Detroit CC)
5 Josh Fugate (Holly)
1 Allen Robinson (OL St. Mary's)
2 Damon Bozeman (MH Madison)
3 Ryan Bush (Berkley)
4 Shawn Conway (Birmingham Seaholm)
5 Dakota Ogles (Hazel Park)
Floor Generals
1 Anthony "Ant" Adams (Pontiac)
2 Desmond "Pee Wee" Barnes (Southfield)
3 Chris Fowler-Lee Bailey (Birmingham DCD)
4 Anthony Rice (Ferndale)
5 Adam Gorski (Birmingham Brother Rice)
3-Point Specialists
1 Mahesh Umansankar (Birmingham DCD)
2 Nick Tatu (Clarkston)
3 John Stibich (Troy)
4 Chris Dewberry (Waterford Mott)
5 Mike Oravetz-Max Aleshire-Andrew Shango (MH Bishop Foley)
1 Urbane Bingham (North Farmington)
2 Nick Leventis (West Bloomfield)
3 Jordan Guinn (Ferndale)
4 Chris Milon (Novi)
5 Christian Pino (Birmingham Seaholm)
Glue Guys
1 Drew Holinski (Birmingham Brother Rice)
2 Evan Mahone-Al Wise (Troy)
3 Matt Doneth (Novi Detroit CC)
4 Jamal Barr (Pontiac)
5 Darren Byrd (West Bloomfield)


Blogger Joe said...

NOVI Boys Basketball....why has Novi lost 2 games in the last 8 days to their 2 toughest opponents this year........ROB LANEY. Laney is the glue that does everything for Novi. He plays point, the post, when Novi is struggling Coach Heitsch puts the ball in his hands. He's the teams best ball handler and toughest player. He's missed the last 3 games with a hand injury he suffered with Plymouth Salem. Hopefully he'll make it back for the and see what happens without him against Stevenson, Salem, and maybe even South Lyon. As Coach Heitsch has said privately... the team is not the same without Laney.

January 27, 2011 at 3:42 PM 
Blogger Joe said...

As a basketball junkie, I follow the Novi/Northville/Plymouth teams closely. I sent the email in late December about "Novi's big 3". Here's another thing about this Novi team. Milon is a NICE player that is being underutilized. He can score inside at will, as he showed the few times that he got the ball and scored on Jalen Reynolds from Stevenson. The problem with the team, especially with Laney out, is that Samer Ozeir now is going to take 80% of the shots, instead of the 60% he was taking before. The coach refuses to use Milon inside, and continues to allow Ozeir to fire up 25 shots per game, including a multitude of NBA 3's. ANYONE with some talent could average 22 points per game on 25 shots! Unfortunately for Novi, Ozeir does have the moves in the post, but Heitsch runs a 4 out motion offense, with Milon inside. He runs NO post game at all. Ozeir could score at will inside. BUT...unfortunately at 6'6, he's a dribbling turnover machine. He doesn't feed Milon feed Milon in the post. Laney tried to distribute the ball evenly, averaging 13 points a game on only 9 shots, and leading the team with 5 assists per game. With Laney gone now, Novi is in trouble. The only hope is that the coach realizes that he can't win the tough games, and he works on using Milon and Ozeir in the post, AND that Laney has a speedy recovery.
What's really a shame is that Heitsch cares more about Ozeir breaking the school scoring record (as he's mentioned in press before), that taking a talented team, and trying to get them a State Championship! There have been 3 games this year, where Ozeir was inserted with 2 minutes remaining in the 3rd, and in the start of the 4th, when Novi had 25-33 point leads! He quickly picked up an additional 3-5 points, before going to the bench. ALSO, and unfortunately, Laney got hurt in the Salem game, when "the BIG 3" should have all been on the bench, with a 30 point lead in the last 2 minutes of the 3rd. What a shame for such a talented group! No inside gameplan, no offesive plays, no defensive gameplan...

January 27, 2011 at 4:02 PM 

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