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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mid-Season Player Report - Boys Hoops

Burney's Mid-Season Player Rankings:
1 James Young (Rochester)
2 Akhemji Williams-Zack Littleson (RH Adams)
3 Yante Maten (BH Lahser)
4 (tie) Jordan Dasuqi (Clarkston)
4 (tie) Khalil Malone (Waterford Mott)
5 Paris Bass (Birmingham Seaholm)
1 Zack Littleson (RH Adams)
2 Kyle Ervin (Birmingham Groves)
3 Jeff Greer (Southfield)
4 Sterling Sharp (North Farmington)
5 (tie) Matt Linehan (OL St. Mary's)
5 (tie) Zak Noor (Troy)
Point Guard
1 Luke Short (South Lyon)
2 Akhemji Williams (RH Adams)
3 Khalil Malone (Waterford Mott)
4 T.J. Warren (WL Central)
5 (tie) Armand Cartwright (BH Lahser)
5 (tie) Caleb Hogans (North Farmington)
Combo Guard
1 Jordan Dasuqi (Clarkston)
2 (tie) Austin Price-Edmond Sumner (Birmingham DCD)
2 (tie) Jon-Jon Williams (Southfield-Lathrup)
3 Bakari Evelyn-Lindsey Hunter IV (Southfield Christian)
4 Phillip Nelson (WL Central)
5 Jarod Jones (Pontiac)
Small Forward
1 James Young (Rochester)
2 Zack Littleson (RH Adams)
3 Earl Swift (Southfield)
4 Paris Bass (Birmingham Seaholm)
5 Khalil Gracey (BH Lahser)
Power Forward
1 Jeron (Buddha) Rogers (North Farmington)
2 Maurice Ways (Birmingham DCD)
3 Chaz Miller-John McCarty (Lake Orion)
4 Marcus Bailey (WL Western)
5 Brandon Bean (Southfield)
1 Yante Maten (BH Lahser)
2 Miroslav Jaksic (WL Western)
3 Arben Camaj (Rochester)
4 Quincy Norman (Waterford Mott)
5 Isaiah Green (Southfield)
Best Slam Dunkers
1 James Young (Rochester)
2 Sterling Sharp (North Farmington)
3 DeMarco White (Southfield Christian)
4 (tie) Paris Bass (Birmingham Seaholm)
4 (tie) Edmond Sumner (Birmingham DCD)
5 Yante Maten-Khalil Gracey (BH Lahser)
Best 3-point shooters
1 (tie) Kyle Woodruff (Holly)
1 (tie) Nick Owens (Clarkston)
2 Billy McDonald (Waterford Mott)
3 Jared Ocamo (Clawson)
4 (tie) A.J. Freeman (FH Harrison)
4 (tie) Austin Price (Birmingham DCD)
5 Gage Throgmorton (WL Northern)
Top X-Factor guys
1 Ben Limb (RH Adams)
2 Damonte Kruse (Lake Orion)
3 Justice Bolling (Waterford Mott)
4 Bryan Matecun (WL Western) 
5 Christien Wright-Poet Thomas (B'Ham DCD) 
6 Mike Nicholson (Clarkston)
7 Ben Cookingham-Kameron Garner (S. Christian)
8 Mike Murri (Rochester)
9 Dorian Fields (FH Harrison)
10 Kyle Riley-Andrew Gikas (BH Lahser)


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