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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Everlasting Dynasty

Da Dynasty lived up to its name over the weekend – The summer basketball club just keeps winning.
On Saturday, they brought home the Ship at the always-rigorous St. Cecilia's College Summer League. Yeah, THE SAINT!, the historic Detroit hoop staple that's reputation gleams coast-to-coast.
Last year, Da Dynasty finished runner-up.
Alright, let's roll call it…..OC style;
Corey Green (MH Bishop Foley ('12)-N. Georgia St) - Pure as the driven snow combination of power, persistence and finesse....Maybe the most underrated cager the OC saw this past decade....YEAH I SAID IT!!
Chewy Ukandu (OL St. Mary's 2012) - The definition of consistent and a mid-range game to die for....this kid is a BALLER-SHOT CALLER through-and through
Nate Stepney (Ferndale 2012)- Quiet assassin on the hardwood that can kill opponents in a multitude of ways, inside, outside, on the break, to the rack, etc...
Jeremiah Johnson (Southfield-Lathrup 2012) - JJ is A-OKAY with his boy Burney.....keep getting your hoop on young man!!
Jordan Konior(UD-Jesuit 2011) - Dogged and steady point guard that knows how to get the job done, plain and simple!!


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