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Thursday, October 11, 2012

No More Excuses

And the firestorm continues.
Let me set the record straight with my opinion on the controversial conclusion to the Stoney Creek-West Bloomfield football game from last Friday night, which saw Stoney Creek 67-year old assistant Buzz Zube get knocked out by a West Bloomfield player.
In recent days, it appears that Stoney Creek, even Buzz Zube himself, is being painted as partially at fault for the fracas.
Even by my paper in an article attributed to being co-written by myself.
So let me say this once and for all;
Buzz holds ABSOLUTLEY no responsibility at all for what went down on Friday. He was assaulted. The victim of a heinous act of cowardly aggression. There are ZERO excuses and I'm sick of being fed them.
The man literally could have been KILLED.
Yes, you read that correctly.
After battling throat cancer over a decade ago, Buzz has issues getting air to his trachea and a punch to the throat might have been fatal.
I watched the video tonight and have seen it for myself.
He was the VICTIM. POINT BLANK. PERIOD. And any other way at looking at it is FLAT WRONG, UNFAIR and extremely MISGUIDED.
How about some contrition, some taking of culpability, instead of all this finger-pointing trying to mitigate fallout and somehow imply that this 45-year veteran of the local sidelines had it coming.
That would be the proper way to approach this and the way it should be approached from now on.
Buzz Zube is everything that is good and right about prep football. This situation is everything that is wrong.
To no fault of his own, he was thrown into the middle of it. He and the rest of the Cougars coaching staff, led by his son, Brad, are now being asked to bear some type of burden for the fact that he was unnecessarily assaulted.
That's just not right.
if you watched my prep chat video from this week on with Jeff Dullack you can also get a taste of my very emotional take on this very unfortunate situation.


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