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Burney's Bytes will focus primarily on the local preps sports scene, but will also touch on some college and pro athletics, mostly in regards to athletes who hail and have played high school sports in Oakland County. My goal for the blog is to be conversational and anecdotal, a more relaxed and free formal take on high school athletics than you see in regular game day coverage.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Five For Fighting - Breslin Baller Edition

FIVE FOR FIGHTING – Top individuals outings from the Class A state girls basketball champion Birmingham Marian Mustangs this weekend in East Lansing at the Breslin Center
1 Samantha Thomas – The 'S' stands for SUPER WOMAN, as well as stupendous, sensational scintillating, sizzling, superb…Shall I continue? SAM I AM went for a game-high 15 points on Saturday in the Mustangs' 44-26 thrashing of Canton in the state finals, showing the GLAM-BAM type game that has her on the fast track to GREATNESS. (she was a thorn in her opponents' sides in the semifinals, too, going for 13 points and seven rebounds). BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!
2 Kara Holinski – Special K did a doozy of a demolition job against arch-nemesis Farmington Hills Mercy in Friday's semis, dropping a 20-point, 5-dime, 5-board effort in the 67-55 win. Can go 'Inside-Out' with the best the county has to offer, just so complete; i.e. sweet-stroke from deep, tenacious in the paint, very good passer, handler & finisher
3 Brittany Gray – Could be the most improved player in the area this winter….has been devastating in so many ways, the latest example being in the Mercy game Friday, where she posted a double-double of 14 points and 10 rebounds. Despite the last name, there's no gray in BG's's as black&white as can be, plain and simple meaning she's DARN GOOD!!
4 Laura Bruton – Per usual, The Captain was all heart all weekend long……was there really any question? What a way to end it for this Marian MAULER that was the definition of THE ROCK OF GIBRALTER her entire career in the Blue & Yellow.
5 Bailey Thomas – TEAM CICERONE's tremendously potent pace-setter at the point of attack, this BEETLE BAILEY was zooming, zigging and zagging steering the Mustangs hardwood assault…Can U Say a Female Version of CHRIS PAUL?....YEAH, THAT GOOD!!


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